SSCC #120 – Aquia HarbourPD

The bad news is, given yesterday’s post it can no longer be said that these types of incidents never happen.

A former police officer was sentenced Friday in federal court to 20 years in prison for producing child pornography after he admitted using his iPhone to film sex acts with an 8-year-old boy when the child was sleeping or unconscious.

Hurlbut is a former police officer for Aquia Harbour and had used the department’s Internet connection to share child pornography, according to court records. The state-certified department serves a gated community in Stafford County.

He befriended the parents, developed trust in the child, and then utterly violated both.  Then he violated the trust given by the public by using public resources to distribute his depravity.  The biggest kicker though is the following:

Hurlbut was later fired from the police department for an unrelated issue, court filings state.

So his department didn’t figure it out and instead it was a separate group of agencies.  Given the following information though how did no one seem to notice in his department?

In court records, prosecutors in the case described Hurlbut as a man who “appears to have been attracted to single mothers with boys who were about eight to ten years of age. Hurlbut does not appear to have had a romantic or sexual interest in the mothers but instead lavished his attention on the women’s sons.”

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 120 William Hurlbut

May bruno in cell block a provide a punishment like no other.

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