SSCC #123-126–Atlanta PD

Three officers who lied in Federal court have been reinstated by the city.

The board’s orders say Brandon Jackson, Jason Overbaugh and William Porter — who were all reinstated — gave testimony in federal court based on a “poorly written” report by James Menzoian, whose firing was was not overturned. The three reinstated officers also depended on their memories to recall events that happened about 150 days earlier, the board explained.

The board’s rulings said the city had not proved the three lied intentionally.

So let me get this straight.  Officers are giving testimony based on a poorly written report, that they did not write.  How is that testimony anything but hearsay since they did not write the report.  Any testimony they did give should be based on their knowledge of the situation, not a report written by someone else.

Moving forward though anything they say they should be sure of and know as fact.  Their testimony has the potential of ruining peoples lives.  The costs of giving false testimony are weightily and should not be taken lightly, intentional or not.

It was their responsibility to verify and authenticate the facts in the case they were presenting.  Anything they testified about that was proven to be false they are just as culpable as the fourth who wrote the report.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 126

  • Brandon Jackson
  • Jason Overbaugh
  • William Porter
  • James Menzoian

Because if you’re a cop, you have no responsibility to verify anything prior to acting.  If you falsely provide testimony or end up raiding a house where the criminal hasn’t been for 7 years, you will not be held responsible. 

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