SSCC #127 – Denver PD

The anti-rights cultists keep telling us that law abiding citizens should be allowed to carry firearms because they will assault people over simple disagreements.

A Denver police officer pleaded no contest this morning in Erie Municipal Court to disorderly conduct in connection with a June incident at the Colorado National Golf Club in which the off-duty officer was accused of punching a man in the face. 

According to Erie police, Carlile and a friend were watching a Colorado Rockies game on TV in the clubhouse bar when two other men, both Erie residents, picked up the remote and changed the channel to a college championship baseball game. 

[Sarcasm]And that children is why only police officers should be allowed to carry firearms into bars and civilians should be disarmed.[/Sarcasm]   

The good news is though he has a 1-year deferred judgment, a $750 fine, and was suspended.  Wait, what!?  For assaulting a man over a TV channel he wasn’t fired, he wasn’t put in jail, but was just given a simple fine.

In this instance I’m glad this walking jock strap of a dolt left his piece at home.  This is however, a perfect example of how police are not some how rendered magically impervious to the being human.

I support bar carry because I don’t drink in bars, and I know I’m not alone.  I go with friends, usually I am the DD, and in my circle the DS as well.  I drink but only really at home or in private.  Further many restaurants that serve alcohol end up off limits due to the asinine law.  I don’t like drinking in public because it renders me to Condition White.  It is illegal to carry and drink, I fail to see why there’s an extra line since all it does is cause issues for the law abiding, especially those who are being responsible and taking care of their friends.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 127 – Kevin Carlile

Because if you’re watching TV and someone changes the channel, the proper response is to physically beat them.  Establish your dominance as the alpha male!

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