SSCC #129-131 – Kingwood PD

Here’s one of the text messages we found between officers on their in-car computers: At 1:29am, one officer writes one officer to another, “We just got 5lb of marijuana and a ton of other crap.”

Sitting in their police cars in a Kingwood parking lot, that’s what Houston cops bragged to each other what they’d found. The problem for them is that when they got downtown, it’s not what they turned in.

When the officers showed up at the city jail to book Hill a short time later and turn in their evidence, the five pounds of marijuana they bragged about an hour earlier somehow had become a pound and a half.

Why would officers steal the evidence?  Were they trying to turn around and sell them to make some extra side cash?

Nope they stole it for personal use to use while on the job.

Hill’s lawyers found them and let us see them. At 2:44 that morning, an hour after finding five pounds of marijuana, “So H I G H!” “Good munchies” writes another officer. Reassuringly, the first writes back, “Everything should be open when we get done.”

These officers arrested an individual for smoking pot and then did it themselves while the tax payer was footing the bill. The war on nouns only serves to provide a reason to further expand government and law enforcement agencies. It does nothing to protect the public in general. Actually it does quite the opposite by making the general public possible victims of an ill conceived or poorly execute no knock warrant.

The actions of these officers do nothing but to further illustrate at prove why every last war on nouns should disappear. Whether it be guns, drugs, poverty, or any other “nobel” cause.  It does nothing but make victims out of what would otherwise be victimless crimes, or perpetuate their condition.  It also creates a separate elitist class where the laws do not apply.  

The officers are under investigation. Internal Affairs is working on it. But even after we told HPD about this most recent development, their status hasn’t changed. They remain out on the street on patrol.

(Emphasis Mine)Don’t worry though, the poor kid who was in the apartment though will be back in court next week.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 131 – All Doe Officers.  If you have names please leave them in the comments.

Because the snozberries taste like snozberries.

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