Quote of the Day – JayG (10/18/2011)

“It’s freedom of religion, not from religion” needs to be made into a keyboard macro for this time of year.

JayG Yes. I Know Massachusetts Sucks.

[This is one of my annoyances that piss me off like no other.  The reason it pisses me off is because much of the complaints and issues that occur around the holidays are merely intolerance masquerading as tolerance.  I really don’t give a crap what you believe and you can celebrate it however you want. 

Where I do get annoyed is when you disagree with someone’s beliefs and use your disagreement to force your beliefs down someone else’s throat.  I have friends who are little a atheists and they’re awesome.  I have other friends who are Jewish and seriously many of my friends run the gamut of religions.  The one thing all my friends have in common is none of them bash the others for their beliefs or faith.  Just because you see a nativity during Christmas doesn’t make you a Christian, just the same as seeing a menorah during Hanuka doesn’t make you Jewish.  I had a roommate in college who was a capital C christian growing up who then became a capital A atheist.  That guy was the most annoying, intolerant, asshat I have ever met.  Every group has their vitrol spewing, bigoted, haters. 

Often we hear about the ACLU coming into town telling people to roll up the sidewalks and decorations because someone is offended.  Here’s a suggestion, climb down off your cross, tear it down, and use the wood to build a bridge and get over yourself.  I don’t care if there’s X – display on city property, your neighbors property, or your property.  While I’m not a big fan of city’s buying decorations, it’s wasteful spending, but some times the city just allows the use of the land for a donated display.  The result of these complaints is a poo slinging fest which makes all sides look bad, most especially the one that started the complaint.  It also goes to destroy what most of the displays are done to help foster, community.

The bottom line is complaining about some display because you don’t like it because it’s not your faith, or absence of faith, is intolerance no matter how you cut it.  In Jay’s case it appears the haters are spreading to Thanksgiving and Halloween. -B]

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