SSCC #140-141 – Fullerton PD

Fullerton is back in the count again after their previous twin entry.  This incident however provides more than a single incident but lays the frame work for exposing a habit of repeated abuses by the Fullerton PD.

A 23-year-old Fullerton College student was allegedly arrested on false charges of public drunkenness in August of 2008 and then beat up by a Fullerton police officer, according to a Friends For Fullerton’s Future blog post.

Remember Eddie Quiñonez? He also says he was arrested for drunkennes, even though he was sober, and then roughed up by a cop.

Moving beyond just the false arrest it becomes obvious that this officer was looking for some personal entertainment.  The officers response to the person who had already placed his hands behind his back?

Another officer then TOOK HIS BOOT and slammed it on my head, pinning it between the curb and used it as leverage to squeeze pressure on my head. I HONESTLY THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE, I WAS SCREAMING PLEASE STOP I’M NOT RESISTING, I THOUGHT MY HEAD WAS GOING TO CAVE IN. I still have migraines to this day. another cop came over and dropped kneed me in the back. Everybody watching was in awe, THEY KEPT YELLING OUT “PLEASE STOP, HE’S NOT RESISTING!”

Then the officers proceeded to drive around slamming on the breaks and gas so the mans head would continually hit the divider in the vehicle.  The Fullerton police department is obviously out of control and shows absolutely no personal restraint or respect for the rights of it’s citizens.  

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three or more is enemy action.  That first article listed to independent incidents, my first post had two independent instances.  Fullerton PD has decided to jump the rails and become the enemy of the public at large.  If you live there and are reading this, you have been warned.  My suggestion is to seek the support of a federal investigation, that seems to be the only way to get some of these places to clean themselves up.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 139

  • 140 – Officer Perry Thayer
  • 141 – Officer Anthony Diaz

Because when someone is compliant they’re obviously resisting arrest which should promptly be followed by an interrogation using momentum as the method of inflicting pain.

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