SSCC #142 – ICE

A deportation officer with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement led Arizona state police and federal agents on a high-speed desert chase in his government vehicle, throwing bundles of marijuana out of the window as he fled, the Department of Public Safety said Wednesday.

Now he got caught and it appears they’re actually going to punish him for it, the problem is he was still using government resources to do it.  Not to mention he used his status as a law enforcement officer to accomplish it.

The informant, whose identity was protected, said that he or she was involved with Lowery and another man in a “rip” crew in which Lowery used his status in law enforcement to help steal marijuana from illegal immigrants, wrote Brian Gamberg-Bonilla, a special agent with the DPS’s Office of Investigations.

At the end of the chase he wrecked the truck he was using that was paid for by the US taxpayer.  So good news folks, this entire incident was funded by the US goverment just like Fast and Furious.  He just didn’t get buy a out first.  

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 142 – Jason Alistar Lowery

Because if you’re going to do something like this give your superiors a cut to make it an “operation”.

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  1. Jake says:

    Ugh. As if F&F wasn’t bad enough.

    FYI, here’s more on the one I submitted last night. This story seems to have a lot more detail.