SSCC #144 – Poulsbo WA

Deputies have arrested a former police evidence clerk accused of stealing at least two guns from the evidence room of the Poulsbo Police Department.

How did she possibly steal them out of the evidence lockup I hear you cry?  Quite elementary my dear Watson.  

Dixon, 23, of Kingston is accused of stealing a .22-caliber semi-automatic handgun, which was recorded as having been destroyed in May. Dixon, an employee of the Poulsbo Police Department at the time, had signed the departmental records indicating she’d witnessed the destruction.

Then, when you think this situation couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Dixon’s boyfriend, 22-year-old Jacob J. Bryant, was driving Dixon’s car at the time of the crash. Bryant, a convicted felon, was arrested for investigation of illegal possession of a firearm.

See, that is what firearm “destruction” programs bring to the table.  The ability to provide black market firearms to people who are otherwise ineligible for ownership.  This wasn’t the first time this individual did that, and I’m sure she is by no means the first person to ever do such a thing.  She certainly won’t be the last.

If under the current law* someone becomes ineligible to have their firearm returned to them, the department should sell it to an FFL.  At least selling it to an FFL would provide a paper trail to follow with independent verification.  Please note, you do not actually have to have committed a crime with a firearm to have it confiscated and taken into evidence.  What’s worse is they can confiscate your firearms when you are charged with another crime.  In those cases a person loses thousands of dollars in property, while due process is followed, that’s a property loss a non-firearm owner doesn’t deal with.  How silly could a situation like that be since a person who would loose his rights to firearms must be a violent criminal, right!?.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 144 – Amanda M. Dixon

Because if a guns being destroyed, just save it for your felon boyfriend, I mean who’s going to notice, it was destroyed after all.

*My personal feeling is if you are deemed to be safe enough to be walking out among the general public, you qualify to own a firearm as self-defense is an undeniable right.  If you can’t be deemed to be safe with a firearm, you can’t be safe with a car, saw, or any other tool that just as easily works as a weapon.  But that’s not the law as it currently sits.

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