SSCC #172 – Miami PD

Remember last week when we heard about the FHP officer who pulled over the speeding Miami PD officer. Well it appears that a bunch of Miami PD officers didn’t like that all too much.

Now, Thomas Vokaty, a Miami police officer, has been disciplined for pulling over an FHP trooper for apparently no reason.

At about 8:40 p.m. on Tuesday night Vokaty used his Miami police car to pull over an unnamed FHP trooper. Problem was Vokaty made the stop in Broward County where Miami police have no jurisdiction.

Couple that with the incident where someone smeared feces all over a FHP patrol car and you can see what the Miami PD think. They’re just like you and me, but better.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 172: Thomas Vokaty

Because by god if you’re a cop, all the other cops should just leave you the hell alone, breaking the law or not.

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