Mecca Is Growing with the Quote of the Day

Joe, Ry, Caleb, and I all headed out to the Boomershoot site today to do some work on Mecca.

Normally I take pictures, but this time posting them falls upon Ry as I didn’t take a single one.

It was productive, we assembled the new tables.  Drilled the holes for the input feed for the solar panel and WiFi.  Mounted the solar charge controller and the transfer switch.  Mounted the pole for the WiFi and started getting the brackets put together for the solar panel.  Joe has decided to mount the panel in a couple weeks.  I’ll need to head out with him with some of my tools so I can take care of re-crimping his Ethernet cable.

Overall it wasn’t a bad day other than by the end it was freezing cold since the first solid winter storm of the season is rolling in.  We actually left at a perfect time given we arrive in Moscow with snow accumulating and visibility becoming limited.

Our day started however with one of Ry’s famous statements:

Joe: Want me to get out and check the field?

Ry: Yeah you probably should, (drives out on to the field without stopping all the way up to Mecca)

It’s on video:

We didn’t get stuck, though it did get a bit hairy at the end though it still wasn’t much of a problem.  Expect pictures and video hopefully in the near future.  

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