SSCC #185 – Cleveland PD

A Cleveland police officer who returned to work after a
nearly eight-month suspension related to an alleged beating of a suspect on New Year’s Day tested positive for drugs after only one week on the job.

Didn’t even take him a week to screw up. There is no excuse for drug use, doubly so given the War on Nouns.  Which is why this makes the full count.

D’Angelo said a marijuana offense for an officer usually involves a
suspension and entry into a drug treatment or assistance program. He
said other officers, including supervisors and other public employees,
have tested positive for drugs or had alcohol related issues in the past
but not with as much controversy surrounding them.

The solution to this problem is much simpler and cheaper given the fact it is the taxpayer footing the bill.  Fire his ass and hold him to the same standards as anyone else.  Any company in the private sector would can your ass immediately, why isn’t this the same practice in the public sector.  Oh that’s right, public sector unions.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 185: Kevin Smith

Because being a cop means the war on nouns doesn’t apply to you.  Doubly so since you share the name of a director well known for smoking the reefer.  

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One Response to SSCC #185 – Cleveland PD

  1. Raudhbjorn says:

    Damn.  In mine a positive result earns you an immediate dismissal.   The NYPD union must have merged with the teamsters.  It’d explain why they can’t find Hoffa,