Quote of the Day – Robb Allen (11/23/2011)

At what point does ‘being a complete and utter dick
go beyond peaceful assembly? Blocking a sidewalk on campus that
requires non-participating students to be forced to travel well out of
their way to get to where they need to go is one thing, but what happens
when these infants decide that blocking traffic on a major thoroughfare
is a ‘valid form of protest’? What happens when I cannot get to work or
home to take care of my family or when an emergency vehicle is impeded?
At some point, you have to say “Enough” and use force to remove the

Even the blockade thing I have a hard time believing
is ‘peaceful’. When a country blockades another country’s supply line,
it’s understood to be an act of war. Doesn’t matter which country is in
the right. Getting in my way and saying “I will not let you pass because
I believe what you are doing is wrong” is a form of violence; it’s
restraining someone against their will.
The issue is that most people
don’t see it as violence and thus when someone has to use force to make
it to work / class / church / whatever they’re called the aggressors
when that is truly not the case.

Robb Allen A cornucopia of thoughts, complaints, and rants

Bold is my emphasis.

[Last night I went on a similar rant describing exactly why I cannot and will not support the Occupy movement.  My closing statements actually came down to this exact issue above and Robb made a comparison I wish I had thought of when I wrote it.  That is exactly right, blockading traffic is a form of violence and internationally is construed as an act of war.  An act of war is not something that should be taken lightly and it is quite serious.  While it may be possible to do without inflicting injuries, it is still forcing your will upon another human being.  In doing so you are violating that persons rights.

Occupy is a bunch of spoiled rotten children who think that obstructing and preventing people from free travel and free trade.  What they are doing is NOT peaceable and to claim such is to ignore the facts of what they are doing as well as it’s effect on those who are uninvolved.  As I said last night, your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose.  -B]

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