SSCC #196 – Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team

A Port Townsend attorney is taking on the
Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team, claiming its detectives
planted evidence, trespassed and used a convicted sex offender as a paid
informant to net his client on drug charges.

Now initially the story comes off as being a ploy to discredit an current investigation and protect a client.  Then as you read on though it becomes apparent the officers were corrupt and playing out of the any means necessary play book.

He said authorities weighed 3,768 grams during
the search, but when re-weighed six days later, the amount seized
totalled less than half that amount: 1,537 grams.

Interesting, half of the haul he’s being charged with disappeared, where to?  Couple that with the following and you really have to wonder what was happening out on the Washington peninsula.

Haas says that the case started in October 2008 when OPNET detectives began using an informant who they knew was a convicted sex offender and had a warrant for failing to register.

Haynes’ warrant was never acted upon, according to Haas.

Haynes was living with a couple and their nine-year-old daughter who were left unaware of his first-degree sexual abuse conviction from West Virginia, according to the motion.

Let’s see here, he failed to register as a sex offender, then when caught the police instead of correcting that, and prosecuting him for it they use him as an informant.  All the while leaving a family with a small child unaware of the predator in their midst.  This whole incident is one gigantic bag of fail that just keeps building on top of itself.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 196: Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team

Because leaving predators around easy prey is just SOP for cops.  I mean look at all those incidents in schoolsFraming evidence seems to be a recurring pattern too.

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