The Season for Giving

soldiers-angels-_y5rbLinoge is putting on a raffle with great prizes and the funds going to a great cause.

For those who have never discovered Soldiers’ Angels, they do a lot to help support troops.  Not only do they help support troops in the field through the soldier adoption program but also have programs to help those who need it the most, our wounded warriors.

Every year at Boomershoot Joe there is a dinner.  At the dinner is a raffle with the purpose of supporting Project Valor-IT of Soldier’s Angels

Why do we raise money for Project Valor-IT?  Well when the soldier and affected family moves from being an abstract face, to being a family you know and personally spend lots of time around, the good they do takes on a whole new level of meaning.  Seriously, click that link fellow gun bloggers.  They helped the family of one of our own and if that’s not a good enough reason to dig in your pocket and help I don’t know what is.

I know times are tight for many of us.  Things are still exceptionally tight around my house from the last unemployment stint.  For every 5 bucks sent to Soldiers’ Angels you get a raffle ticket.  Instead of putting that extra gift under the tree this year, you can put something under someone else’s who could really use it.  There is no way to loose in this raffle.

There are other projects and ways you can donate if you’re interested.  It doesn’t just have to be a monetary donation*.  The Minutemom I know is working on blankets when she has time. 

*Talk to Linoge first with regards to the raffle, I’m talking in general.

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One Response to The Season for Giving

  1. Linoge says:

     And, at this point, you stand a pretty good chance of getting a present to go under the tree for that $5 regardless!  Lots of awesome folks have really stepped up to the plate to provide prizes for donators…  

    As for non-monetary donations to SA, I am definitely open to the idea, but please get in touch with me first – it is harder to track, and harder to verify.  
    Regardless, thanks for the support!