SSCC #200 – Upper Marlboro

Wow, 200 already.  It seems like just yesterday I was starting the count.  I could have reached this probably much faster but a few things have happened on the trip to 200.  The criteria for making it onto the count or becoming just an honorable mention became much more clear cut.  The Accountabilibuddyable series was started to cover many of those who would be honorable mentions due to getting fired and prosecuted with serious charges.  Those instances still are pretty rare though.  I also scaled back to only posting one a day.  Clear cut incidents are a bit harder to find and one a day helped limit the amount of work since I could easily queue them.  If something really spins my head it gets tossed up front and center.  This one was bumped to me by a reader and leaves me nothing but pissed off and wondering why nothing has been done to the officer.

A seventh-grader says a county police officer yanked him out of the school cafeteria, handcuffed him in front of his friends, dragged him to the band room, where no one could hear, and beat him while he was handcuffed – all because the student dressed like Ice Cube’s character in the movie “Boyz n the Hood” for school spirit week.

The school nurse was a witness to the injuries inflicted by the officer.

“(W)hile inside this room defendant Tilus chided plaintiff about the way he was dressed then smacked him twice in the face with his full force so hard that he left whelp marks on plaintiff’s skin; throughout the entire time plaintiff remained in handcuffs.”

The arrest in the cafeteria was caught on tape and I would assume his arrival in the schools office was able to be noted to display the time difference.  The whole point of this exercise remains unknown to anyone but the officer.  This wouldn’t be the first time an officer wanted to get his rocks off and took it out on a kid.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #200: Officer Wantalex Tilus

Because if you don’t like how a kid dressed for spirit week, haul him off to a sound proof room and beat his ass, and make sure to humiliate him in front of all of his friends.

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