Quote of the Day–Mike Vanderboegh (12/4/2011)

All liberty loving people want is to be left alone whether by the petty thief or the tyrant. The petty thief is generally content with merely stealing your property. The government thief comes to the party prepared to steal everything you have, including your life, in order to enforce its will with overwhelming violence.

Mike Vanderboegh – The murderous presumption behind every citizen disarmament argument.

[It is hard for me to argue against anything he said  in that article given it all depends on the lens you view it through.  Go read his post because what it all boils down to is a saying from Malcolm Reynolds:

Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill ‘em right back.

The concept of just leaving people the hell alone seems to be something very few of our opponents actually understand.

Remember, when someone is proposing a gun ban, the are proposing the government come do it by force.  They want the government to take your property by force, including death, if necessary.  –B]

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