Once is Happenstance

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three or more times is enemy action.  Well I don’t believe in coincidence and at this point it no longer matters.

Yesterday another elderly woman came forward saying she received the same type of treatment as the 85 year old grandmother.

Ruth Sherman, 88, of Sunrise, Fla., told WCBS television ( http://cbsloc.al/sD3xsS
) that agents were suspicious about her colostomy bag and asked her to pull down the waist of her pants so they could see it on Nov. 28.

So that’s twice.  Today a third woman has come forward describing the same type of treatment, this time over a glucose monitor.

Kallish’s troubles began because of the glucose monitor and insulin pump she wears because of her diabetes. After she set off the metal detector she was sent to a private room and, she says, told to take her pants off. She says the officer didn’t touch her. “So I took my pants off and showed [the glucose monitor] to her,” Kallish said. “She just looked at it and said, ‘Have a nice trip.'”

That’s three.  The TSA claimed on Friday that strip searches as the above are not procedure.  However in all three instances there was an underlying medical condition that the officers exploited to abuse their power.

At what point do people finally say enough is enough.  How much abuse do the public have to take before someone finally wises up that while the TSA may claim that something is not policy or procedure doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.  TSA agents don’t follow normal policy or procedures regarding the use of equipment that make use of radio active equipment, why does anyone think they would magically follow their own rule book?

This is like playing Monopoly with a kid who is making up his own rules and constantly changing them.  Except this kid can throw you in jail when you point out he’s breaking the rules.  How do you deal with a spoiled brat who harasses and intimidates anyone who dares challenge their Authoritah.  Not to mention when you tell their parents about their kids misbehaving they just pat them on the back and say stop that.  Even when one of the parents is hassled.

My father-in-law was told not only to remove his prosthetic leg, but they wanted him to disassemble it.  There’s no cosmesis, and the leg requires special tools to assemble and disassemble.  If you’ve ever seen a bare prosthetic there is no room to put anything in it.  The TSA claims that type of behavior would never happen yet it does. 

This is what happens when you create a job program for the lowest common denominator who cant even graduate high school and give them more power than they know what to do with.  Then the parent who gave them that power says that there’s no accountability.

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TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

4 Responses to Once is Happenstance

  1. Wendy says:

    Me too – I was forced to strip down to my pantyhose by the TSA.

  2. Slobyskya Rotchikokov says:

    My question has been – otehr than all of us getting pissed and letting our blood pressure rise, why does no one who lives in a city with an airport, ever retaliate, rather than just complain? Does no one know how to follow any of the bastards when they leave? How to find cars in the parking lot and leave clear messages of discontent, and I do not refer to sticky notes. Or how to publish their names and addresses / phone numbers for people who want to communicate with them? Why do the citizens allow them to operate in total freedom, anonymity and with no fear of reprisals for their criminal actions? There are no airports within several hours drive of my town, but in major cities, there MUST be some people who are willing to visit the autos, homes or other AOs of these people with physical reminders that doing evil is bad for the karma. So – why does no one respond to these terrorists? 

    • Because anyone who does respond to them, in any way shape or form as you suggest, would be branded a terrorist and enemy combatant.  In order to not get caught it would take a group of individuals working at it.

      Welcome to freedom.  Isn’t it nice?  I called for shunning a long time ago and people wrote it off.  Now when I said shunning I meant make it known who they were and not welcome anywhere.  I don’t know what it will take for people to finally shun these domestic enemies.

      Last VC there was a nice discussion on this exact topic (warning NSFW, vulgar language, and covers every topic under the sun, including sex).  It is much easier and safer to suffer the indignities than actually fight back.  The consequences of bucking the system are massive and painful where as the indignity is minor relative to the consequence.  Does it suck yeah, but currently no one has felt is worth the legal smack down that would inevitably arise. 

      Is the BS of dealing with the TSA currently worth spending 20+ years in federal prison?  The only one’s pissed enough to do that are the one’s who’ve been violated and their relatives and most of those are intimidated after into being “good sheep”.  The victims are the most likely to survive trial after going after agents.

  3. Kgiff50 says:

    I was forced to drop my pants so they could look at my knee brace.  I’m a 61 yr old grandma.  It’s just wrong!