Accountabilibuddyable: Ohio Edition (12/8/2011)

H/t To Tam who linked to Merlin’s Musings on this one.

Triggs escaped time behind bars – he faced a maximum of six months in
jail – after losing his 13-year police career earlier this year when he
was charged with several felonies.

Now it would have been icing on the cake to see him actually serve jail time and he still might.  Any violation of his sentencing will result in 6 months in jail.  The fact he can never work in law enforcement again in the state of Ohio though puts a serious smile on my face.  While he may be able to go and apply for a LEO certificate outside the state, his odds of receiving one given his criminal record is diminished.

I understand exactly what Tam was saying in her comment, that’s how the prosecutor in my case got me to plea out.  Charge felonies and then offer a sweet deal.  In this case it seems like they really had him.  Even though it seemed like a slam dunk thought there’s always a risk with the jury.  The plea deal guaranteed a hit and given the particular crime it should kill any future prospects.

Alvin Triggs – That’s why you don’t run plate numbers for your drug dealer buddies.  You might actually be held accountable.

*It could have been better, but this out come is far better that what would have happened in many cases.

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