Quote of the Day – Ian Harrison (12/13/2011)

Since then, a lot of water has passed under the bridge. In 1997, politicians in the country of my birth chose to vilify law-abiding gun owners as a means to appease the press and get themselves re-elected. As a result of the legislation passed, all legitimate handgun owners were forced to hand over legally held pistols and revolvers, or face up to 10 years in jail. There were a fair number of Brits who, rather than live in a country that would treat its citizens as serfs, chose to jump ship. My wife and I joined them, landing in upstate New York where we settled down to build our own version of the classic immigrant story.

(emphasis mine)

Ian Harrison – Top Shot Winner Becomes U.S. Citizen

[I don’t watch Top Shot.  Not for the fact I dislike the idea, I love the idea and how it normalizes the shooting sports.  I don’t watch it because I don’t watch a lot of TV and of the TV I do watch I could care less about the drama llama that is reality TV.  I do however absolutely love what can be observed from the quote above.

This man was forcibly disarmed by the country he defended and decided that country no longer deserved his citizenship.  That is the power of gun control.  It causes people to flee, yet you don’t see American’s fleeing to Great Britain due to their low crime rates and gun control.

Welcome Mr. Harrison to you and your wife.  You obviously are in the right circles and find yourself in good company here.  -B]

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