SSCC #218 – Clarksburg WV

A man plowing snow for a church pastor claims a police chief violently and falsely arrested him, and that when he asked the chief to take it easy because he was disabled, the chief said, “Disabled my ass,” and kneed him in the back, dislocating four spinal probes.

No good deed goes unpunished, especially when a bored police chief has nothing better to do.  Have a disability not immeidately apparent,he doesn’t care and can risk spinal injury and beat the hell out of you.  Even if you’re not resisting arrest and have done nothing but try and help the public good.  Then you get stuck with the medical and legal bills while he keeps on treating the public like a group of children that he needs to beat on a regular basis.

Seriously go read the complaint, it’s down right despicable and the department should be bankrupted for the chiefs behavior and tolerating it.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 218: Chief Justin Burke Childers

Because the right thing to do when someone is helping clear snow in a blizzard is to beat the hell out of him while arresting him.  When they’re compliant and alert you of a medical condition you should call bull shit and work to aggravate that condition.

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