On Dancing In Blood

While I was busy this weekend I heard about a shooting in Mount Rainier National Park.  I didn’t have time to investigate, though this morning I heard details about it on the radio.  I figured the blood dancers would be out, I just didn’t think how idiotic they would be.

Miguel this morning just how dumb and crazy they were.  They wasted no time to blame the shooting on the NRA and the modification of the National Parks rules which said they had to follow state law regarding weapons and concealed carry. 


There’s some serious problems with this logic though.

First and foremost is that the individual was a prohibited person under the Lautenberg Amendment.

In July, the mother of Barnes’ young daughter said in court papers seeking a protection order that he “has possible PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) issues,” NBC station KING of Seattle reported. In seeking sole custody of the girl, she said Barnes was suicidal and “gets easily irritated, angry, depressed and frustrated.” 

Second the park shooting was not the first shooting that day.

Witnesses told investigators that about nine people attended the party, many of them armed, and some had a “show and tell” with their guns. Some fired shots in the air to celebrate the new year. At 3 a.m. Sunday, one partygoer asked to see another’s gun and then refused to give it back.

At least two people drew their weapons — Barnes was one of them — and four people were injured in the shootout, two of them critically, the sheriff’s office said Tuesday. It wasn’t clear who fired first.

So this individual illegally had a firearm, engaged in a shoot out with other individuals, then fled.  Yet somehow he was going to magically be stopped at an invisible border and turn around because you’re not allowed to carry a gun!?  I’ve driven through Mount Rainier national park numerous times since my 21st birthday, I often had a loaded firearm with me.  Why?  Because unnecessary handling of a firearm is how accidental discharges happen.  I was usually driving through on my way home to visit friends and family while on break.  Did I shoot anyone? No, it stayed in it’s holster the whole time, where it’s safer for everyone.  Yet these blood dancing savages criminalized that behavior and insist that it is horrible for public safety.  The would prefer I unholster at each side of the park and unload and reload.  Each of those instances provide for the chance of a accidental discharge.

You know what is really horrible for public safety.  Running out and dancing in the blood of the innocent blaming tools and inanimate objects.  The sole goal in doing so is to disarm the law abiding to ensure their victim status.  They focus on attacking the right of self-defense instead of trying to actually get people the help they need.  Why would you need to carry a firearm for self defense in a national park they’d ask.

The visitor center was locked down, with tourists finally being escorted out by armed guards after midnight. To warn one group of backcountry campers of the situation, authorities flew over by helicopter and dropped handwritten messages on paper coffee cups that a gunman was on the loose, according to postings and photographs on the nwhikers.net message board.

Looks like that question is self answering in this incident.  Tell me, were the authorities going to be able to protect those hikers in the back country of the national park?

Overall I find the behavior of the Brady Campaign and CSGV down right despicable.  Instead of trying to get people the help the need, which would help prevent incidents like this from ever happening, they insist of disarming the public and attacking inanimate objects.  They insist on ignoring the individual.  The individual is always responsible for their actions.  That said, if you want to help prevent things like this from happening, you should be seeking help for them if you are in fear for your safety.  Instead of actually trying to find out what was wrong, just like Jared Loughner, people ignored the signs.  The innocent shouldn’t be punished for the choices of others.  The correct way to help with this problem is to make sure to help those who are disturbed before they break.  Treat the individual in trouble, don’t disarm the victims.

h/t Miguel for the Facebook image.

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3 Responses to On Dancing In Blood

  1. robertsgunshop says:

    The Bradyites  will dance in a single drop of blood to advance their agenda of lawful citizen disarmament. My question for them has been, why do you want a safe working environment for criminals?  In standard Bradyite fashion the think “one more law” will make criminals go straight.

    • Nope, They don’t care about criminals.  Just look at this quote from Joan.

      Who needs guns then? Well, hunters need guns for the sport. Some peo­ple
      need guns for their pro­fes­sion– law enforce­ment, secu­rity guards,
      peo­ple who trans­port cash from busi­nesses to banks, etc., gang
      mem­bers, drug car­tels, felons, rob­bers and those who, with­out a gun,
      could not do their jobs.

      As can be seen here.  (Don’t worry I that goes to someone else that cites it).

      They want a safer operating environment for criminals because being a criminal is their “job”.  Someone shouldn’t be shot doing their job right!?

  2. robertsgunshop says:

    Yeah, Joan is something else. I remember seeing that on her blog. I wonder if she will ever get tired of dragging the body of her dead sister with her. I have heard that she has even defended the scumbag abuser that murdered her as a nice guy that snapped because he had a gun. Those evil guns, taking people by the hand and making them commit crimes.