Quote of the Day–A Girl and Her Gun (1/11/2012)

You, all by yourself matter. You don’t need a single person to validate your worth, but if you are still working your way to that truth, think about someone, anyone, in your life who would miss you if you decided not to fight.

A Girl and Her GunJust In Case

[It is yet another nugget of gold out of this wonderful woman.  As I said before she has a point of view that not all of us do have.  She went through the transformation from one side to the other.

Personally I cannot fathom or even begin to comprehend how someone would not be willing to fight for their life.  To not fight for the most precious gift of all, the gift, that once it’s gone you don’t get another one; just does not compute.

There is no question I would fight, I cannot and will not strand my wife or my mother.  My mother most importantly does not in anyway shape or form deserve to have to bear that grief because a  criminal decided they were going to try and make me a victim.  She has already lost my father and damn near lost my sister and I both, all within 2 years.

If someone brings a fight to my door by god I’m leaving with my boots on.   Myself as a person as well as preventing the grief of my family is worth it.  Robb asked today about plans for after action.  In it he pointed out some family members may not be supportive of your defensive gun use.  If this is the case, they may be family by blood, but that is it.  True family would be overwhelmingly happy that you fought to remain with them for longer.  If all else fails, you can seek solace in your non-blood family, that understands why you fought.  I want my fellow law abiding gunnies to remain around for a long time. -B]

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3 Responses to Quote of the Day–A Girl and Her Gun (1/11/2012)

  1. I would live to know what Janelle thinks of this lady’s blog. I know Janelle is super-busy plus her hand issues keep her from posting, but I’d still like to know.

    • I’m not sure she’s had much time to read her blog.  I’ve kicked a message to Janelle.  She’s been light on the blogging, as well as reading the blogs as of late. 

      I’m not sure how much she will have to add or say.  The wife was in a Purgatory state when we first started dating.  (We actually met in high school but started dating in college.)  She was aware of evil, but she didn’t think it would come her way.

      One of our first dates I took her shooting.  From there it was all down hill.  I’m still working on improving her situational awareness.  While its definitely better than most there are times where I’ll say, “Did you see that?!”  The response is not always positive. 

      Then again I spot things most others are oblivious too.  It only took my dad chewing my ass once to correct that.  (That wasn’t a minor instance either and there was a potential for a crime to occur).  I was locked in on making sure my dive equipment was good and missed a group of wolves walking up.  I completely missed that my dad stopped working on his dive gear.  My head when out of my house since is on a constant swivel and I’m constantly keeping a mental account of who I see, where they are, what they’re doing, and doing a mental threat assessment.  The more you do it, the easier it becomes. 

      Janelle’s been behind on even my posts if that tells you anything. 

    • Janelleb says:

      I don’t have an opinion at this time for A Girl and Her Gun. I have not kept up with her blog. Maybe in the future if I ever catch up on my reading I will have formed an opinion.