SSCC #239–San Francisco

This one requires some knowledge as to why this one heads to the count.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi faces one count each of domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said Friday.

Now, he’s actually facing charges and it seems on par for what happened, so why would I put him in the count?  Well he’s been fighting back against the NRA lawsuits brought after Heller and McDonald.

“Oh, absolutely not,” Mirkarimi assured us. “If you think about it, with all the legislative action and focus that I’ve been applying since becoming a supervisor on gun violence and public safety, it’s completely consistent.” (OK, that last part was definitely a plug for his sheriff’s candidacy.)

Well if Mr. Mirkarimi was a Mayor he would fit right in the the Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  So lets go back to this DV incident.

Gascon said prosecutors have also requested an emergency protective order prohibiting Mirkarimi from having contact with his wife and son. He is also ordered to stay away from his home while police investigate other possible domestic violence incidents involving Mirkarimi and Lopez, Gascon said.

Well normally the Lautenberg Amendment would mean that he would have no access to firearms.  Except as the Chief of Police, he can still carry one while on the job.  Double standard anyone?  The icing on the cake though, he was sworn in as chief after the incident.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 239: Ross Mirkarimi

Because only the police should have guns, that way they can walk without fear and impunity. 

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