Quote of the Day–John Doe ( 01/29/2012)

I see a kiosk at the mall.  Right next to the blood pressure machine.

John Doe – Conversation at work last week

[This was said by one of our mechanical engineers at work after I described the work being done by Sebastian and company with CNC machines and home built firearms.

I have to agree, it would be nice to walk into the mall, push a button, and have it build me a nice stripped lower for an AR-15.  All the while members of the Brady Campaign promptly start checking their blood pressure in the machines right next door.

The work done by Sebastian and crew proves that gun control is impossible, no matter how hard the anti rights cultists try the cat is out of the bag.  When it is possible that someone with out any serious mechanical ability and push a button and create a weapon, prohibition is a hopelessly lost cause.  –B]

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