SSCC #249–Cincinnati

A grand jury indicted a Cincinnati police officer accused of breaking into a home and choking a woman inside.

Ok, he broke into a house and assaulted a woman.  It can’t get any worse right?  Now why do you think I’d bother posing that question!

Court documents indicate that Kiner was accused of stalking the same woman and damaging her car in November and a temporary restraining order was issued against him.

But the case was marked “ignored” on the last court document in late November, indicating the grand jury did not indict Kiner.

Good thing we have that Lautenberg amendment to protect women from abusive stalkers from using firearms.  Thankfully in this case the Officer didn’t use a firearm, however the Brady Campaign will not be lighting a candle for her as she is not a  victim of gun violence.  Not to mention that the officer would still be allowed to carry a firearm while on duty anyway.

Besides the woman was most certainly allowed to survive by the mercy of her attacker:

The 42-year-old Kiner was initially charged Monday with aggravated burglary after he was accused of breaking into a Paul Street home, choking the woman and dropping a gun on her chest before leaving.

Recently I posted on the futility of background checks, and someone in the comments talked about his own experience.  In this case the system totally failed this woman.  However I would like to point out that this woman could have armed herself and put forth a much stronger resistance against a larger opponent.  While the opponent was already armed at the start, it’s better than being left at his mercy.  By god if you’re going to die, at least take the son of a bitch with you to keep him from doing it to someone else.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 249: Ronald Kiner

Because if you see a woman you like, stalk her, break into her house, and choke her.  You’re a cop after all, what’s the worst that could happen.

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  1. Agirlandhergun says:

    Yes, more women need to be more proactive for their own safety!