His Mistake, Didn’t Apply for a Job First

This one isn’t a state sponsored criminal but it’s another example how A Security Theater aids criminals and theifs, even if they’re not employed by the state.

Florida police arrested a man Friday for allegedly stealing a Rolex watch from a TSA bin at an airport security checkpoint.

I do love how they refer to the thief as “brazen”.  The thing is this falls under my “King Shit” rule.  If you act like a king shit, like that is your property or are allowed to be there, no one is going to question it.  There is nothing tying TSA bin A to passenger A.  If the bin gets ahead of the passenger, more specifically if the TSA stalls the passenger, it makes his belongings available for picking.

It’s this falsehood of security that allows thieves like this as well as the TSA to get away with these types of crimes.

For more on the “king shit” rule*, watch this.

*I first coined the term in 1999 while following my dad into the ER to check on the status of a friend who fell and broke her hip.  We didn’t walk in through the main door and no one stopped us even though I was only 15 at the time.  My dad just said to follow him and don’t look lost.

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4 Responses to His Mistake, Didn’t Apply for a Job First

  1. crex39 says:

    Don’t forget the corollary  to the King Shit Rule: If you get caught , be indignant, demand to know who they are and ask to talk to their supervisor.

    •  No, present them the “email” you have from their supervisor on your phone or tablet device.  Convince them to have you talk to their boss and continue working your way up the ladder with said letter.  Eventually you’ll get an escort around the building to let everyone know you’re supposed to be there.

      *Seriously watch that video, I’m in the wrong line of work.

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks for posting that vid.  It was both fun and informative.

    •  I love that video, there was another one I saw that I think I need to post as well.  It’s amazing how much damage you can do if you actually start thinking about it.