SSCC #270–Pinellas

A Pinellas sheriff’s detective says that in an effort to seek out homegrown marijuana, he donned a Progress Energy uniform as a “ruse” and then entered a homeowner’s property without a search warrant.

Yeah, there is a reason when I someone from the utility company is at my house I consider it suspect.  If they want in my house, I’m calling the company and there is going to be a long talk as to why he’s at my house.  When said company says he’s not with them, I will assume criminal and things are going to be come quite dangerous for the idiot.  He has closed distance and is lying about who he is and is trying to gain entrance to your house.

So you would think that since the Sherriff supposedly frowns upon it there would be some sort of punishment, however this is the departments response:

Although Gualtieri criticized the tactic, he was less quick to criticize his detective. “He’s a young detective who I think thought he was just being creative,” Gualtieri said. “I put more responsibility with the supervision.” He said he wanted to think about whether to discipline anyone.

Yeah, and the guy from the utility isn’t a sworn law enforcement officer either. If you present yourself as X, you’re assumed to be X, and you are tricking people.  They will kick in your door in the middle of the night and shoot your dog.  They will fool you into allowing them access without a warrant.  Would you give an officer any access to your property without a warrant knowing them to be such?

Yeah, this was sneaky, back handed, and totally wrong.  We see how the cops love it, they may bitch publicly about it but honestly they don’t care.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 270: Detective Paul Giovannoni

Because it’s so much easier to just skip the warrant and pretend to be someone else and fool someone into giving you access.

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