SSCC #272–San Antonio

There’s a lot of questions and issues with this.  The biggest is the immediate escalation of force without empathy or consideration.

A police officer allegedly punched a rape victim in the face as she cowered naked in a closet at her boyfriend’s home.

When she showed up at her boyfriends house he falsely accused her of breaking in for whatever reason.  When the police show up the fact she wasn’t willing to parade around naked for a bunch of men with guns after being raped is used as an excuse to beat her further.

The boyfriend was a total dick and the police were trying to remove a trespasser, however force I do not think was necessary in this case.  The officer was wanting an excuse to beat a woman and he found one.  Don’t think so?

At the hospital the officer was boasting about hitting Gibson, a nurse wrote in a report seen by KSAT 12 News.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #272: John Doe

Because being a cop means you just need an excuse to use force, doubly so if you like beating up on women.

**Also note that when someone asks to give you a ride when not looking for one, you need to switch to orange immediately.

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