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Ice cream machine is currently on the fritz.  I have a few things I’d like to write up and just don’t have the time or the will right now.

I will say I spent some time cleaning up the garage and shop Saturday.  After which I decided to clean a pistol that I myself have never cleaned and was last cleaned by my father.  I knew it was about time because the grease was stiffening up.

I got everything apart no problem but I will be going to the gun show in Lewiston on Saturday in the search of a replacement part.  During reassembly my punch slipped and I sent the takedown plunger that keeps the takedown latch in place flying into never never land.  It was there one second and gone the next.  Such a simple part and so critical for function.

I spent Sunday at the indoor range doing drills.  I pushed the distance and speed this time on the dot torture.  I also did some simple drills with trying to focus on what I’m doing after what happened at the last match.  I need to be able to think while on the move so I’m doing different drills on multiple targets so I have to think about shot order.

I will say I was a bit disappointed with the 22 conversion kit this time around.  I put about 250-300 rounds through it.  It started gumming up on me so I dumped a bunch of BreakFreeCLP on the slide rails and then added a little pink grease.  It ran decently after that for the remainder of the practice with one major note.

The target sights that come on the 22 conversion kit suck.  Not because they’re inaccurate, but because when running drills and you have a miss fire you’re probably going to loose some skin.  There are multiple sharp edges and I’ve got blood blisters on my hands and a couple ripped open places on my fingers from grabbing that slide and racking it hard to clear it.

I’m going to clean it again before going back to the range on Saturday.

After my practice session I took the wife to see Act of Valor.  By the time I got home I didn’t feel like blogging yesterday and the wife is wanting attention today.  So


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