SSCC #287–Seneca PD

After following up with Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland, it was confirmed that the two officers, whose names were not disclosed, had been commissioned by the Seneca Police Department, while each lacked state certification, and one of the two was a convicted felon.

Emphasis mine.  That’s right, a police department hired a convicted felon who also didn’t have state certifications. 

They extended the right of qualified immunity to a convicted felon.  Think about that long and hard the next time someone tells you about how infallible the state is and why they should be given power “X”.  They’re more than willing to hand that power over to a criminal and leave you at the legal disadvantage.

To the departments credit, they have fired the two officers.  The incident is no less disturbing.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #287: John Doe

Because when you apply for a job in law enforcement we will trust you on your word.  I mean why would we do a background check, you want to be one of the “good” guys.

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