NROI Training

So I spent the morning with Joe and Ry while doped up on Dayquil and Mucinex. It kept me clear enough to be able to pay attention think about what the instructor was as well as different things I’ve experienced and ask questions.


Biggest upshot of training though is being able to hear about the experiences of others and learn from them.  So I’m going to spend the night working on homework and continuing on going through the material.  I also discovered that being an RO can save a wasted trip should the unfortunate occur at an area or national event.  Instead of being stuck twiddling my thumbs I can go work a stage and they often ask.  I also learned that DQ isn’t a matter of if but when for those active in the sport.  There are those who have and those who haven’t yet.

Tomorrow is the range day so I’m going to get through the homework as well as writing up some notes for tomorrow and then relax to try and hopefully feel better for tomorrow. 

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  1. Agirlandhergun says:

    I was wondering how you were feeling for the training.

    Interested in hearing about the range portion.