One Last Piece of Homework

Finished up the class this morning.  Drew the lucky card and was the first one on the timer.  Thankfully I rocked it and didn’t have to run the shooter multiple times.  The main focus for class today was stage design, safety concerns, what to look for, and then the practical application of scoring.

The stage was a modified El Presidente.  There were no shoots placed between each of the targets with their perf edges lined up on the center A zone.  T1 in our case had hard cover on the left hand of the perf as well.  Up rage there was two no shoots stacked immediately behind the shooter.  The shooter had to turn and engage T1, T2, and T3 with two rounds each as a normal El Presidente.  Then while doing the mandatory reload, you needed to switch and engage from the other side of the no shoots.  So if you shot left side first, the 2nd string of 6 shots after the reload had to be done from the right side.

It was actually a fun stage.  I don’t remember my exact score,  I know I clipped a couple no shoots.  I ran it just under 10 if I remember correctly.  I ran the stage a few extra times later when they needed shooters for those who had trouble on the timer.  I did ok on the second one.  The third time I ran it I decided to throw a little curve.  I shot an extra shot before doing my reload and just to make sure it curved I put it off target so there wouldn’t be a matching penalty.

Ry tried to throw a curve ball and did a fantastic job of zeroing the stage in procedurals.  He didn’t switch sides after the reload and stacked his shots.  Total he got 7 procedurals at –10 a piece at a total of 60 points for the stage, you do the math.  Yeah, it’s those little things that get you, like walking past the port and getting two FTEs and the misses to go with it.  That stuff adds up quick. 

So now comes the last piece of homework.  The open book exam, where thou shalt cite all relevant rules and state a conclusion for the answer.  I actually did really well on last nights homework so I’m not too worried.  My biggest mistake was I wouldn’t find other rules that further supported the conclusion.  But I will probably work on that tomorrow so I can try and sleep and recover.

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