SSCC #292–Portland

Officer Christopher Humphreys is seeking the sheriff’s position in Wheeler County, where he spent three years as a deputy before joining the Portland Police Bureau.

That innocent enough right?  He’s just moving up the corporate ladder in his field right?

In 2006, he and another Portland officer were accused of failing to get medical treatment for James Chasse, a mentally ill man they had taken into custody after he had been tackled by officers.

Chasse died and last year the city paid out a $1.6 million lawsuit in the case.

Humphreys was later involved in another incident that drew criticism. In 2009, he fired a beanbag round at a 12-year-old girl at a MAX stop after she hit another officer.

So in other words his reckless use of excessive force ensured that he could not excel up the ladder of his fair city.  So instead he wants to go to an empty county in central Oregon where he is being assured victory by no opposing challenger.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 292: Officer Christopher Humphreys

Because only in the public sector could you cost the people you work for 1.6 million dollars while also abusing them and get a promotion.

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