Update: SSCC #277-White Plains

I previously reported about this incident here.  The autopsy report has been released.  Unsurprisingly the police lied.

The former Marine shot by cops in his apartment died from a single
bullet that entered his right arm and ripped through both lungs,
according to an autopsy report obtained by the Daily News.

This directly conflicts with the officers report:

“The report clearly shows that Mr. Chamberlain’s arm could not have been
raised in a threatening manner with a knife at the moment he was shot,”
McLaughlin told The News on Monday night.

Not to mention the report states that Mr. Chamberlain was advancing towards the police.  What we have here is some idjit who works for the police violated the 4 rules, did an ND, and then tried to cover it up.  That’s the best option because frankly those officers created this situation and it cost this Veteran his life.  No worries though because the department ruled that it was justified… Before the autopsy report confirmed their story, and ignoring that the officers actions created the situation.

Remember, there’s a reason I call this the state sponsored criminal count.

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TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

4 Responses to Update: SSCC #277-White Plains

  1. Old_NFO says:

    Well damn… One can only wonder if the family has any recourse…

    •  I think they might, sadly though the men responsible for this mess will probably not feel any of the accountability from it.  Instead it will be the tax payers who really feel it.

      The only hope is to cause enough pain to the men who have justified it so the next time they think twice.

  2. Teri Pittman says:

    We have a friend currently in jail. He’s 45 now. Back when he was 19, he touched a 14 year old girl on the breast. He served 6 months for that and now has to register as a sex offender. Last time he did that, they kicked him out of where he was living and he had to live on the streets. We met him through a friend that had him come out to do some work on our place and he’s been completely trustworthy.

    The cops came out once to arrest him for failure to register, but he hid from them by not answering the door. So several weeks later, five of them drove up while he was outside with a woman. They knocked him to the ground (he made no effort to resist) and they banged his head against a nail on the steps. They tasered his dog in front of him (dog also was not resisting) and made some nasty comments to the woman. When they took him into jail, he was still bleeding from the head and the nurse wanted him sent out to get stitches for the wound. His ID pictures show his head bandaged.

    So now, since they have so very little to hang on him, they are trying to charge him with resisting arrest. The deal they offered him was 43 months in jail. Yet the cops involved have never contacted me, the property owner, with any details at all about him, or asked me any questions. I find it hard to believe they would act that way with someone they felt to be dangerous enough to try and lock up for several years.

    I’ve always been a law abiding person, but I truly feel that the police in this country are out of control. Most of it has to do with the drug laws, which have allowed them to confiscate (aka “steal”) personal property from people never convicted of crimes. It also encourages the SWAT mentality, where they feel they have the right to break down anyone’s door, any time.   I see no signs that people are still considered innocent until proven guilty. Our county jail has some poor schmuck that has been in jail since November for littering in a city park! That’s the charge they list for him on the jail roster and they have yet to set a court date.

    The only thing that ever keeps cops honest are armed citizens, exercising their rights.


      I find it hard to believe they would act that way with someone they felt
      to be dangerous enough to try and lock up for several years.

      You nailed it on the head.  They don’t act that way with dangerous people.  I can’t find the link currently but Uncle posted about the arrest of a known armed and dangerous felon.  When the found him they surrounded the house and talked him out by phone.

      Why not just send in the black suited ninja’s, isn’t that why they claim to have them?