What Did This Guy Do Wrong?

Let me count the ways.  Seriously I thought this was a joke until my coworker said he was serious:

Deputies say that Des Voigne sleeps with a .357 revolver
in his bed for protection. Sometime during the night he woke up after
rolling over on the firearm and then placed it in his hands on his chest
and went back to sleep.

While he was sleeping he apparently squeezed the trigger shooting himself in the shoulder with a .357 hollowpoint round.

OK now here comes the confusion on my part.  If it’s a grazing wound with powder burns I can believe this.  If he’s drilled through like a piece of wood on a drill press, not so much. 

Now for the rant.  Seriously you went to sleep with the gun on your chest?  There’s these small wooden tables, they’re about bed height, they’re designed to hold things while you sleep.  I believe they’re called night stands!  Barring that, at least throw the thing in a holster, yeah you have to remove but you know what, it’s better than say, shooting yourself in the chest.

Some how you managed to hook your booger hook on to the bang switch and pull the trigger on a double action revolver. There’s a rule 3 violation.

Some how you allowed the muzzle to cross your shoulder.  That’s a rule two violation.

It requires two of the four rules to be violated for someone to injure themselves or another.  While sleeping, if you have a gun in the manner described you can not obey rule two.  The gun is going to move as you sleep.  If you have it out of a holster you cannot obey rule 3.  You can inadvertently touch the trigger.  So I would say that over all this is a rule 1 violation as well because it is something you shouldn’t do with a loaded gun and all guns are always loaded right?  So you shouldn’t be doing that!

I would suggest learning from Darius Des Voigne’s Cletus’s mistake.  If for some crazy reason you were doing the same as him, let this be a lesson to stop doing it.  Less you do the same to yourself at which point we will all laugh at you and when we’re done laughing we’re going to be pissed for providing more ammunition to the enemy about gun owners being irresponsible.

Accidents do happen and the four rules prevent it.  Obey them and drill them till you can do them in your sleep.

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