Random Thoughts 5/12/2012

A couple random things things…

  1. I hate yard work.  I mean I hate it with a passion.  I don’t have an overly large yard, and mowing it I don’t care all that much.  But then I have to spray for weeds.  Then I have to put down vegetation killer to kill the grass where it shouldn’t be.  Then I have to trim all the edges.

    There’s ton’s of dead stuff I really need to pull out but I just hate doing yard work.  Doubly so since out here it’s either cold and nasty or boiling and oppressive.  I got most of the edging done before it became boiling and oppressive.  I am planning on spraying weed and feed tonight as well as putting down vegetation killer, but we’ll see if I’m up to it.

  2. While weed whacking and lost in my own thoughts I realized something.  The following requires way too much suspension of disbelief.

    While many would say time wouldn’t slow down with hammy hopped up on caffeine, obviously you have never met a mini-bear. Poor Mr. Eeds was almost over run by them. They were just so damn fast. We lost two waist packs to them as well in under 2 seconds to get at our snack food.  Seriously, we put the packs on the ground and bam it was over.

    No, the item that is just completely unbelievable can be seen at 0:22. There is no way that a woman that uptight in one of those cookie cutter style neighborhoods would be doing her own yard work. No, she’s hiring the local Mexicans to come do her yard work.

  3. I wish I had been able to call in to the Squirrel Report last night.  The next thing I am hacking is my lawn mower and that damn button I have to push to go in reverse with the PTO on.  If I don’t push the button, the engine dies.  That is a problem right now as I need to replace the battery in the lawn mower.
  4. My new phone and ears for shooting is an awesome combo for yard work.  I was able to listen to Pandora the whole time while working.  As Weer’d says, Dub Step Get’s Shit Done.  I came back in after 3 hours and thought maybe it had been one.  It’s the power of the Wub!  This played while I was rounding up debris on the mower.  It was bookmarked for the wife.

    I figure with the flute she’ll appreciate it.

  5. An additional side note.  I’m not going to do the State Sponsored Criminal Count on weekends unless one rolls in and I really feel like doing it.  It’s pretty easy to find content for it however it’s my weekend.  I don’t like spending my weekend thinking about how badly I’d like to shove my foot right up someone’s ass.  Instead I’m going to try and find something else to blog about on the weekends.  Besides the wife is going to start having Sundays off on a regular basis now.  So she’ll be coming to the USPSA matches more regularly.

    Doing that count can be a serious downer.

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6 Responses to Random Thoughts 5/12/2012

  1. Crap I was going to call you and see if you’d swing by with the sprayer. I put down some ground clear on the driveway, hope it takes out the lawn that’s growing where my driveway should be.

    • I’m avoiding putting total killer in my tow behind sprayer.  I’m hunting for some weed and feed so I can do my lawn.  I think I’ll be mixing up the backpack sprayer tonight with round up.  I’ve got grass and weeds everywhere it shouldn’t be.

      Unless you have a good way to deactivate the stuff so the next time I use it I don’t kill a patch of my yard.

  2. apotatofarmer says:

    “I hate yard work.”

    You could plant permanent ground cover – no weeds, no poisons, no work required.

    • Where I live that lasts at most a season.  Then enough dirt and mud rain down from the sky in dust storms and dirt kicked up by farming that weeds start showing up again.  That’s actually what has happened currently.

      Not to mention you can’t do that everywhere.  For instance you can’t do that in the drain tile around your house.  You need that water to move away from your house.  That however is some of the easier places to keep clear.  No the hard part is killing weeds around the trees in the back yard.  And I’m not getting rid of the trees because that’s the only wind break I have back there.

      • apotatofarmer says:

         Interesting. Perhaps the weeds are the natural ground cover? Or perhaps your soil lacks sufficient fertility to support grass?

        If you hate yard work you probably won’t want to read it, but I liked Weeds: Guardians of the Soil by
        Joseph Cocannouer. It makes a strong case that if you let the weeds grow they will improve the fertility of the soil, and then at some future point you might be able to grow grass without a major weed problem.

        •  Your assumption is it’s my grass that’s the problem.  Try the flower beds and graveled areas for bushes to avoid having additional areas to mow that would be difficult due to terrain.

          Fertility is not a problem here… that’s why I have weeds growing through rocks, pea gravel, in a light dusting of soil from what has settled from the air.

          As an FYI I’m surrounded by farmland.  Fertility isn’t a problem here on the Palouse.  No the problem is, how do I kill weeds and not the trees and bushes.  How do I kill the weeds and not my perennials.

          The lawn honestly is the easiest part of the whole thing.  Mow it, spray it, fertilize it, done.