Happy Mothers Day

Since I’ve shown my mom the wonders of RSS she now reads the blog on a much more regular basis.  So instead getting one of those online greeting cards instead I can post it right here in the open.

Thanks’ Mom.  I know it may not have always seemed like it but your nagging paid off.  I finally did get my Eagle, sure it was one month before my 18th birthday but I got it.

Barron with Mom

Sure I got in trouble from time to time.  As you know though, it could have always been worse.  Besides, would you really want me to be like Small’s at the beginning of The Sandlot.  Telling that boy to get into trouble was the best advice she ever gave.  Why didn’t you ever give me that pass?

Just remember, when we were upset, maybe there was a good reason.  Though I never was this upset.

Most of all, I appreciate if I did anything like this, you and dad both would have whipped my ass.  Thanks for doing as Major Payne says:

So thank you!

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2 Responses to Happy Mothers Day

  1. Old_NFO says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to her and all the other Mothers out there!

  2. Shortlady with the gray hair says:

    Thanks Son.  You were really pretty easy to raise–sometimes we really had to dig deep to find the motivation to move you in the direction we wanted you to go; but on the whole you were and still are a joy.  I can’t believe the color of my hair all of those years ago.