A fool and his money…

See the real problem people dislike about those who make more than them, is they’re fiscally responsible.  Barring those who are our elected representatives.  They couldn’t save a penny even if it was surgically attached to their body.  They’d sever the limb to spend it.  But this helps provide a better idea of the issues with fiscal responsibility in this country.

Visa’s survey finds that a jaw-dropping $2,635 per prom will be spent by
families making less than $30,000 a year. That compares with $842 for
families with a yearly income of $75,000 or higher.

Can someone explain to me why the people making less are spending more than the people making more? It doesn’t make any sense why someone needs to spend $2,600 on a prom night.  I think total I spent about 500 bucks, I didn’t rent my tux I bought it, and my buddy and I split a limo.  I can still fit in my tux by the way, I actually wore it for my wedding.

I know some parents have trouble telling their kids no, but honestly that’s what has brewed this group of spoiled children screaming about the 1%.

Know what pisses me off, me working my ass off, trying to save money, and then being told I need to pay more of my “fair share”.  Except lets look at who’s really profiting from this mess.


Sounds fair to be fiscally responsible and work your ass off doesn’t it?  You know, I know life isn’t fair.  Evidently we must be robbed by the state at gun point, try not paying your taxes if you don’t believe me, and have money go to a bunch of people who don’t want to work and think life’s unfair to them.  There’s random parts of life that are unfair and out of people’s control.  That’s the luck of the draw.  However taking someone else’s hard earned money isn’t you evening the score, it’s theft.

Now notice the breakdown of who’s going to be spending the most on prom and who’s getting the biggest kick backs from the Fed.  It all comes down to how much you value the money you earn.  If you don’t earn your money, you don’t really value it since it didn’t take blood, sweat, and tears to earn it.

God I need a beer cause this is horse crap.

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