A Note for CSGV, Here’s What PSH Gets the Public (SSCC #336)

Someone on their way to work induced someone in the greater Boston area to go into a fit of PSH recently.

What people inside didn’t know–Brockton police had just received a
911 call–reporting a man with a gun walking toward the store.

911 caller: “And he’s got a gun in his back pocket, so I don’t know what’s up with that.”

911 Operator: What’s he look like?

Caller: He’s black, he has a red shirt on, and like tan pants.

So we have someone turning their pants brown on account of someone walking towards a store with a “gun” in their pocket.  So what happens to the store employees that don’t actually match the description?

Watch: the man police confront in the red shirt and black pants is Bill Ceneus, a 10 year employee of Save-a-lot.

You can see one officer wraps his arms around Ceneus, lifts him up, and within seconds, he’s on the floor.

is handcuffed and searched by three officers. No weapon is found…

Well I guess it’s a good thing the officers didn’t just shoot him.  But it begs the question, where’s the guy with the tan pants, since you know the officer is obviously color blind.

where’s the guy the 911 caller saw with a gun? While Ceneus sits in
handcuffs, another store camera shows police confronting a different
store employee–wearing a red shirt and tan pants. He’s in the produce
section –and as he shows them, he has a pricing gun. The police report
says that’s what “was mistaken for a firearm.”

Lets see here, the caller induced himself into a rage of PSH over what he thought was a gun.  The end result, one man physically assaulted and another detained and harassed.  The result of the physical assault is now a lawsuit whereby the taxpayers are going to pay out*.

The public at large, especially those who go into PSH over the sight of a firearm are not able to accurately separate real firearms from fake.  Take this (the call was for a man with an AK-47 mind you), this and this for other examples.  There are numerous other examples but those drive the point home.

There is a cure to the cause of PSH though.

State Sponsored Criminal #336: John Doe

*I am including this in the criminal count.  It was an unnecessary assault based on the ramblings of a panicking individual which the officer couldn’t be bothered to see he didn’t match the description or the fact red was a store uniform.  Doubly so since the report differs from witness statements and video as to their justification for force.

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