SSCC #341–Fort Worth

Remember when I said something about when a cop shows up a puppy has to die… I wasn’t kidding.

Twenty-four hours after a Fort Worth police officer fatally shot Lily, a 5-year-old border collie-English setter mix, its owners still don’t understand why the police officer was on their property and why he used lethal force.

So the officer walks on to the property, after the owner tells him stay where he was.  The owner didn’t call the officer.  The officer as usual gave the same statement we hear so often:

Police spokesman Sgt. Pedro Criado said in a statement Monday that the officer waited by the driveway when two barking dogs charged him aggressively while he repeatedly asked a man at the house to call the animals back. Then the officer jumped onto the porch pillar.

So the officer trespassed, then shot the owners dog all over “copper theft” with no reasonable suspicion of involvement.  Then to top it all off:

But the officer still had the gun raised and pointed toward her husband and surviving dog, she said.

So the officer also committed assault with a deadly weapon.  Unsurprisingly, nothing has happened to the officer.

State Sponsored Criminal #341: Officer John Doe

Because an officer can go where ever he wants, shoot any animal he wants, and point a gun at anyone he wants.  He’s god, didn’t you get the memo?

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