Quote of the Day – Tam (06/12/2012)

Eric Holder announced that he was shocked, shocked! to find that there
were leaks of classified information from the Obama administration, and
he would investigate it immediately.
I have no idea how the newscaster read that line with a straight face;
this is like expecting the minister for Reich security in 1940s Germany
to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Jews.

Tam… and now the news

June 12, 2012

[Yeah, the guy who ignored the voter intimidation by the black panthers; the guy who is currently being investigated for Fast and Furious, who may be charged with contempt; is going to investigate his buddy about leaks of classified information?  Did I wake up in a parallel universe?  Because they may utter those lies but we all know they’re lying. 

Politicians and used car salesmen what do they have in common?

You can tell they’re lying when you see their lips flapping.  -B]

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