SSCC #347–North Carolina

A state trooper is back on the road after a two-day suspension given after a Winston-Salem motorist says he was shot with a stun gun and repeatedly kneed in the face for calling the trooper a derogatory name.

Save it for court, never argue on the side of the road it will just land you in trouble.  This however attracted my attention.

Gordon said Davidson’s cruiser was not equipped with a video camera. The patrol rebuffed a public records request from The Associated Press seeking the release of the report required when a trooper uses a stun gun or firearm or of the written statements given by the troopers involved in the incident, saying the documents are confidential under the agency’s interpretation of state personnel laws.

Imagine that, you gave an officer with no way to be held accountable committing assault.  Not just committing assault but getting away with it.

State Sponsored Criminal #347: Sean B. Davidson

Because you too can commit felonious assault and not get charged by merely joining the North Carolina State Patrol.

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