SSCC #349&#350 – Fayette

Surveillance video shows the dog looking for his handler. When the dog did not see the deputy, it attacks the worker, biting him in the arm and groin.

The worker dragged the dog into the Walmart where the deputy managed to get the dog off of him.

If that had been your dog or mine, it would be destroyed as a dangerous animal and we would carry personal liability for the action of the animal.  The handler here is at fault as well for not maintaining positive control of his animal.

Interestingly, I wonder what would happen if the the store employee killed the dog.  If you assault a police dog it is considered assaulting a police officer.  The courts when involved with a human officer tend to look down on you defending yourself against a corrupt cop unless there is some serious evidence.  Heck, Indiana for a while even forbade it, stating you can seek redress in the courts.

I suspect you would not end up in jail, but I’m sure that you would still end up in front of a jury.  I can guarantee you this officer is not even going to be suspended, and the dog will continue on duty as normal.

State Sponsored Criminal #349: Jayne Dog

#350: John Doe, Jayne Dog’s Handler

Because when a police K-9 goes berserk in a public place it’s excusable.  When you’re dog bites someone in your yard that shouldn’t be there, they put it down.  If it just looks at a cop they kill it.

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