Looks Like Somebody’s Got A Case Of The Monday’s

See the disclaimer as always.  But I had to admit I laughed about the following:

Heck none of us could figure out how the hell he was so effectively able to jump the curb, both front and rear, and make it through the bushes.  Even more entertainingly, it appears they had left their car to go in to work.  I guess they just figured they’d take care of it later.

Most entertainingly though was the email sent out about it:

There is a white Buick License Plate XX XXXXX that has gone over the parking lot curb into the bushes just above XXXX. Facilities has been notified as well.

I love how it was the equivalent of, “You Left Your Lights On.”.  I put my truck into a ditch, but at least it made sense with it being wet clay.  This was a paved parking lot with a curb and everything.  The WTF factor is strong with this one.

Here’s more pictures:

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3 Responses to Looks Like Somebody’s Got A Case Of The Monday’s

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    As we say in Maine: “That car is all kinds of stoved up!”

    WOW! I would keep my steel balls away from that guy, I betcha he could make a good go of them too!

  2. Old_NFO says:

    Brake is on the LEFT, gas is on the RIGHT… sigh

    • That is the current suspicion. I did an experiment on my way home and parked my full ton truck on the far side of the lot, put it out of gear and let off the brake. By the time I was at the curb I was doing 5 MPH.

      I don’t see his vehicle going that far with just 5MPH with that curb there. I also heard it was an automatic which takes the rolling away manual option.