Earworm Monday – 7/30/2012

Yes I know it’s early, but by god this is just hilarious!

Now I hear you asking why is that funny, that’s just awesome helicopters.  Well it’s funny because of the following:

The Iranian nuclear program has been hit with a severe case of heavy metal. Al Arabiya reports that technicians at two of Iran’s secret nuclear facilities were startled in the middle of the night when their computer consoles started blaring AC/DC’s classic metal hit “Thunderstruck” at full volume.

No I didn’t have anything to do with that, but I really wish I could take credit.  Whoever did come up with the idea for the music choice, Bravo Zulu sir!  Now pardon me while I watch it again and laugh while thinking of the pissed off Iranian’s.  All I can see mentally is Achmed waking up at BF thirty and saying in Arabic, what the hell is that crap.

AC/DC – Thunderstruck

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3 Responses to Earworm Monday – 7/30/2012

  1. AGirl says:

    I really like to see what makes you tick…what pisses you off and what makes you laugh:)