SSCC #398–Rockwood

"It is alleged that Zieminski engaged in inappropriate sexual contact using force or coercion with a female prisoner who was in his custody at the time," Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office spokeswoman Maria Miller said in a release issued Tuesday.

Couldn’t get any worse than that right?

This is the second time that sexual improprieties while employed as a police officer have led to Zieminski’s firing.

(Emphasis mine.)  Yeah, I think the state is culpable for round two.  It is worth noting the following as well about the prior incident.

Zieminski was fired by the Rockwood Police Department on July 6, though Rockwood Police Chief Stephen Rowe declined to state the reason, according to the News-Herald, and once before in 2006 when he was 28 and worked in Brownstown Township as a police liaison at Woodhaven High School, during which time a 17-year-old female student reported having inappropriate contact with Ziemenski.

Are we surprised a sexual predator would want to be in law enforcement where his position would give him “unquestioned authority”.

State Sponsored Criminal #398: Christian Zieminski

Because evidently the city of Rockwood feels that it is a smart idea to place a sexual predator around people while giving him a badge and a gun to coerce his victims.

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