SSCC #409 – Arlington

Arlington is seeking to block an independent arbitrator’s decision to reinstate — with back pay — a former police officer who was fired last year following his arrest on sexual assault charges. 

I applaud the city to continue fighting against reinstatement.  Especially given the following:

Before the sexual assault charges that lead to his dismissal, Kovacs had been placed on administrative leave following allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman he had encountered during a traffic stop in October 2010, records show.

The man obviously has a history and has no business being in law enforcement.  Further he got away with it the first time and did it again.  Later that year though there’s more:

Then, in December 2010, a warrant was issued for his arrest on domestic violence charges after he was accused of putting a pillow over his girlfriend’s head while she slept. Less than a month later, in January 2011, his girlfriend told Cedar Hill police that Kovacs sexually assaulted her and that he had threatened violence against the Arlington and Cedar Hill officers who were investigating the allegations against him.

Who in their right mind thinks that someone with that kind of history and behavior should work as a law enforcement officer?

State Sponsored Criminal #409: Tibor Kovacs ??? See this update and decide for yourself ???

Because as a cop you should get as many free passes as you want.  It’s not like prior criminal actions should matter right?

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