SSCC #375–Update

Via Lance I got the following regarding SSCC #375:

Due to a technicality, a drunken driving charge was dismissed against the Gladstone State Police Post commander on Wednesday in Chippewa County District Court.

The exact issue at hand:

Dispatch directed police to obtain the search warrant from a former Chippewa County court employee who was no longer serving as magistrate at the time, said Vizina. The former magistrate had been relieved of her duties five weeks prior due to mental health issues, he said.

"Dispatch sent the officers to the wrong place to sign a warrant," said Vizina.

Because the former court employee was not legally authorized to sign and execute the search warrant, any information police obtained under the document during the investigation could not be considered as evidence, Vizina said.

"Blood test results were not admissible and could not be used in court," he noted.

How convenient.  That’s not to say the judge wasn’t right in this case, but it’s interesting that they would screw the pooch so hard when one of their own screwed up so bad.  Don’t worry though, it couldn’t possibly be intentional since they bothered to put him on paid leave.  Heaven forbid he’s held accountable.

State Sponsored Criminal: William Smith

Because when your buddy does a DUI, just make sure it’s not a current judge that signs the warrant.

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