Quote of the Day – NGAC (9/16/2012)

Criminals are interested in getting money and goods, not in killing people.  2/3 of U.S. gun homicides are due to arguments not criminals.

National Gun Victims Action Council – Gun Fact #2: If Only The Criminals Had Guns, U.S. Gun Homicides Would Plummet.

September 14, 2012

[First off, criminals are only interested in money and goods unless they aren’t.

Secondly NGAC is saying is it is better to be a victim than to defend yourself.  Because if you defend yourself effectively you will be committing a gun homicide.  Because in their world, there is no such thing as justifiable homicide.

They’re right, criminals don’t like having armed victims, it makes their chosen profession dangerous.  Our opponents can only argue that it’s better to be a victim, raped, beaten, and broke in an alley than standing over their cooling dead body.

Why is it our opponents are so desperate in seeing honest people criminalized, victimized, and otherwise abused by the criminal elements?

As I have said before our opponents are not working to better the safety of the law-abiding but are actively working to protect the criminal element.  They are the equivalent of OSHA for violent criminals.

Who bothers to listen to these fools anymore? -B]

h/t Uncle.

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3 Responses to Quote of the Day – NGAC (9/16/2012)

  1. BobG says:

    I get tired of reading about criminals who rob people, then kill them. In many cases, criminals murder people just because they can.

  2. “2/3 of U.S. gun homicides are due to arguments”

    Yep. Arguments like “Get off our turf!” and “You owe me drug money, bitch!”

    I’ve been saying for a while that this guy isn’t all that tightly connected to reality.

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