Quote of the Day–220ST

What a fucking drama queen.
Try doing it over again with a duty holster duty belt and body armor like a LEO.
They act like a police qualification course is suppose to be the pinnacle of marksmanship.

220ST – Post on AR15.com Thread

[It appears he is probably the one that also posted a comment here.  My initial response can be seen here but I had a realization this morning.

From the point of view this video was done for it doesn’t freaking matter.  Obviously this man is deaf so I will write out what I stated at the beginning of the video.

This came about because a reader of his blog said the LAPD qualification course would be beyond the realm of capability of most non-law-enforcement shooters.

I don’t wear an LEO duty belt, body armor, every day so why the hell should I have to qualify with it?  The whole thing came about because of the reaction of someone who supports gun control.  She argued that the police meet a high standard of marksmanship and that we wouldn’t be able to match it.  I matched it, in my everyday carry gear.

Being a man of my word though, if you have a pile of duty gear you don’t want and are willing to donate to the cause, I will shoot the course again.

Further, there’s not running involved in the course so the extra weight doesn’t matter, the most is limited mobility, except there is only one stage that requires a draw so even then that doesn’t really matter

I do love AR15.com though, it does provide hours of entertainment and reminds me why I don’t usually bother with forums.

nice ND at 2:19 – notarpole

What ND?  It may have been a mike but it wasn’t an ND.  ND would have been over the berm or around the 180.  Try again there sparky!

Why do 90% of the people who make youtube videos involving guns have to have unusual choices in hair style and dress.
Don’t wear sunglasses or hats when talking to the camera, especially big sunglasses and Australian cowboy hats. The only thing he was missing was a duster and I bet he owns it.
Is that no-sideburn beard to keep his chin warm?
At least he’s well spoken. Dude is dressed for radio interviews. – Lomshek

At which point a couple people join in with Spartacus-boy’s rant.  I wore the hat and glasses because it’s easier than trying to find someone to do camera make up to take the glare off my head (I am bald, not by choice) and face.  Sorry my facial hair isn’t what you would like either, didn’t know I needed to call out for your approval.  Guess next time I’ll just wear a ball cap, aviators, a wife beater, and trim completely down to a goatee.  Sorry I didn’t want to have facial hair like everyone else in the world regularly has.  Pardon me for offending you!

At least a friend had my back:

Fucking fashion police.

Now there is one post that did get my attention:

First I will say that most cops suck at marksmanship
Second, that was not even close to the LAPD qual course and they are not using approved LAPD duty gear or firearms. –500SWshooter

If this wasn’t close the LAPD course of fire, please supply me with the latest version in the comments.  As for LAPD duty gear and firearms, see the comment above and the goal.  The argument is that every day shooters, who don’t regularly wear LAPD duty gear while carrying, couldn’t pass the course.

That said, I live a block from an FFL, send a duty arm to him and send me the duty gear and I’ll run it.  Put up or shut up.  If you’re willing to put up, contact me.

Overall though I was pleased to see the AR15.com thread for the most part other than the few outliers was positive and many were correcting others pointing out what the actual purpose of this exercise was.  -B]

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3 Responses to Quote of the Day–220ST

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  2. Wolfman says:

    So I went back and watched the video again. While I see a handful of 1911s, I think, there seemed to also be a couple of Glocks and some m&ps. Going from a randomly selected forum, lapd issues beretta, glock, and smiths. So any double action will be damn close, as close as really matters. All guns were in belt holsters of various design. Again, as close as matters, and as you mentioned, only one stage natively required a holster at all. I dont think it would be a big difference to add other things to your belt to mimic extra gear, but I also dont know whether full duty turnout is required by lapd for quals. As far as a vest, that shouldnt be hard to replicate, but again, without a lot of movement, I dont see it drastically altering the results. Looks like a clean comparison to me. I think nitpickers will nitpick. Also, screw those guys for disliking your hat and beard. Seriously? If they devolve to thay, they have little to complain about.

    • Barron says:

      Oh JayG and I were chatting about the fashion police Sunday night. I was more in shock by it than anything just because, “Really, you’re going to bitch about my choice of fashion?”

      Now I will add a note that I have been somewhat critical in the past of the choices some people in the community have made while participating in activism, but here’s exactly what I said:

      It is doubly compounded when said individual dresses in such a way to fit the media stereotype. You should look like someone you would want your daughter to marry, professional and kempt.

      I met that definition quite well. I wasn’t wearing camo, I wasn’t looking like some scrounge or bum. I was wearing exactly what I wear to work everyday in a professional engineering environment.

      I didn’t think about it but I think Jay is right about my beard. They are jealous they didn’t think of the beard cut first. It works well for us with shiny heads so we don’t look like an utter freak with the full beard but no hair and saves the overall shaving. I have a sneaking suspicion that a year from now more people will be doing it. Even if they don’t, I don’t care it works for me.